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Fresh and Radiant

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The Fresh and Radiant facial-cleansing towelettes use natural components to make your face fresher and brighter with a single wipe. Keep your face clear of the impurities and irritants that can lead to an acne outbreak with our patented solution’s proprietary mix of ingredients: • Tea tree oil cleanses your pores, disinfects your skin, and can help treat a variety of skin conditions and obvious blemishes • Coconut oil is a soothing and comfortable antibacterial solution that makes using ClearComplete a relaxing break from your day Beat your acne before it even appears with a single wipe. Cleanse and protect your skin today for a more confident tomorrow! Keep Fresh and Radiant wipes in your purse or backpack during the day and be ready to let the real you shine through for whatever hangouts, one-on-ones, or photo-ops the day has in store.