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Eye Care Natural Wipes

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When you use skin or facial cleanser, it should do more than just wipe away dirt and debris. It should also leave you feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated, providing holistic renewal from the outside in. Eyecare Naturals Eyelid Wipes are redefining what it means to feel clean. Formulated with organic, cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients, Eyecare Naturals Eyelid Wipes are created to give you the truly fresh-feeling skin you’ve been searching for without the foul smell or harsh chemicals. • Virgin coconut oil offers soothing, comfortable relief • Tea tree oil acts as a powerful cleanser that leaves your skin feeling revitalized • The patented blend of these natural ingredients work together to remove dirt, debris, and other impurities without damaging the skin Say goodbye to the oily residue left over by other makeup removers, and say hello to the eye-opening powers of an all-natural cleaner that leaves nothing behind — except skin that feels spectacular. Incorporate these miraculous eyelid cleansing wipes into your morning routine to take care of impurities like allergens and microorganisms that can cause dry eye syndrome and eyelid inflammation. Or, use them before bed to thoroughly remove oils, sweat, and makeup for deep, clean sleep. Eyecare Naturals wipes are individually wrapped for on-the-go use, meaning you never have to be anywhere without having refreshment within reach, whenever or wherever life gets messy. Simply wash your hands before use, close your eyes, and gently wipe your eyelid from side to side — before you know it, you’ll be feeling the power of the most effective eyelid wipes available.